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What is it? πŸ‘€

Hidra is a sequential monitoring tool that allows you to monitor external services in a simple way. You can also deploy Hidra in different regions, node tags, and you can have all the metrics centralised in one place. You will be able to export these metrics in Prometheus, and you will be able to visualise them from a dashboard in a simple way.

Why do I want it? πŸ‘¨πŸ‘©

Help your user know if your project will help them. Useful information can include:

  • Do you need to launch tests on your site after a deployment is finished?: With Hidra you can create test pipelines to run whenever you want. All tests are sequential, so you can check step by step that everything works as expected.
  • Do you want to have 24x7 metrics on the status of your site?: Easy, Hidra you can deploy agents wherever you want and you can tag them. Need to monitor a certain service from the US? No problem, with Hidra you can. Need to run functionality tests, or check the loading speed of a site? Hidra is your tool.
  • Do you need to create sequential performance tests of a service that run constantly?: Hidra is your tool.
  • Need to check a site’s certificates?: Hidra is your tool.
  • Do you need to check HTTP response, that a response contains a string, or a redirect?: Hidra is your tool.

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