You can configure Hidra through arguments or through environment variables. Here, we will explain each of the arguments that Hidra accepts. If you want to make it an environment variable, simply capitalise the argument.

Setting the operating mode

You can combine these flags as you like, for example, if you call hidra with the -api and -metric flags, Hidra will be working as an API and as a metrics endpoint for Prometheus.

ArgumentDescriptionValue typeDefault
exporterActivate exporter mode in Hidra.boolfalse
testActivate test mode in Hidra.boolfalse

Arguments in test mode

ArgumentDescriptionValue typeDefault
fileYaml file that will run Hidra in test mode.string

Arguments in exporter mode

ArgumentDescriptionValue typeDefault
maxExecutorHow many executors will run in parallelint
portPort to expose
bucketsBuckets for
confPath to all samples.string

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