The exporter is a tool that can be used to export the results of a Scenario to Prometheus.

If you want to run Hidra in exporter mode, you can use the following command:

hidra -exporter -conf /path/to/all/samples

Where /path/to/all/samples is the path to all samples, you can use subfolders to organize your samples, for example, you can deploy all your samples on /etc/hidra/samples, and inside this folder, you can have a folder for each client, for example, /etc/hidra/samples/client1, /etc/hidra/samples/client1, etc.

Then, after running Hidra on exporter mode, you can add its as target to your Prometheus configuration.

You can run a basic example of Hidra exporter using https://github.com/hidracloud/hidra/blob/main/docker-compose.yml

Last modified March 1, 2022: add description to docs (ac92a1a)