Hidra release notes v2.4.0

In this release we added 947 lines of code, and remove 496 lines of code. We added a ton of new features that we hope will be useful to you.

New features

  • Hidra has a new scenario type called security. This type is used to describe security related scenarios.
    • Scan opened ports of a host and report the results.
    • Scan opened ports of a cidr and report the results.

Release improvements

  • Hidra release now contains a *.deb package for Debian based OS.

Performance improvements

  • We change the way we ran scenarios on exporter mode. We now run the scenarios in parallel, and we use a pool of workers to run the scenarios. Now you can run scenarios faster than ever.
  • We improved the way we generate screenshots. We now generate screenshots in an independent thread, and we use a pool of workers to generate the screenshots.
  • Now, we’re randomizing the order of the scenarios. This will help us to run scenarios faster. This will avoid to run similar scenarios in the same order.

Other improvements

  • We pass context between all functions. This will help us to add new features in the future. (Who love opentelemetry?)
  • We added a lot of new tests to make sure that Hidra is working as expected, and we keep code clean.


Hidra Team with ❤️